Water Tank Site Selection and Installation Steps

Floor to the warehouse and must be properly installed hard recess on the ground - should not overhang, the damage to the stone floor storage, metal, should be cleared from the cutting and drilling materials.
If a platform created under the tank will be installed in the floor of the platform should be smooth, hard surface. Stepless platform surface must be flat surface.
The installation of the tank must be carried out by people.
Should be left around the warehouse space for installation and subsequent to service operations.
Transport and installation must be performed while the empty storage tank.
Store input and output couplers should not be tightened too much (torn gasket, water may leak), or output should be left loose. (Output may be water leakage from the seal to not get bored)
Any action is to be performed near the warehouse (source, such as grinding) to avoid damage to the storage tank should be strictly isolated.
Warehouse soil should be prepared in advance and six wells will be installed and 20 cm - should be covered with 25 cm thick concrete.
Land between the walls with six storage tanks surface must be left up to 10 cm.
Carefully place to be buried tank must be placed after the settlement final checks must be carried out.
After the installation of underground storage tanks must be careful not to exceed the load out.