750 Liter Brine Tank

Product features:

Tank - tank used in the production of polyethylene materials suitable for food security, not color, which does not smell, widely used in the food industry because it is a dirt repellent. Polyethylene tanks Brine pickles, olives, and pickled container used in the preparation of leaves and other foodstuffs. brine tanks that will be used for warehousing and storage operations, reliable, high quality and are produced in a healthy environment, the tanks can be cleaned easily, while keeping algae is appropriate and acid resistant to all weather conditions.

Back it is made from recycled polyethylene material, approved by the Ministry of Health, TSEK quality certificates.
• Manufactured in monobloc, and rivets additional resources available.
• Product dimensions have a tolerance of ± 3%.
• U.V. against the Rays and impact resistant.
• It is odorless and hygienic. It can be easily cleaned with water. At least 6 months - 1 year should be cleaned at intervals.
• - 5 / + 65 degrees up to proof.
• diesel with a 30% increase raw materials - gas tank, tank increases the transport of raw materials 40%, ± 50% of raw materials - used as an acid tank with increments.
• Our products are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects.
• Customer service is available in our technical-induced problems.