Water Tank Selection

The tank should be determined to be used for what purpose.
Drinking water, clean water, waste water, subsoil, etc. which purpose is to be used for storage of the raw material suitability must be determined.
How many liters of storage that you need to be determined.
The need for tonnage tank should be determined the suitability of the venue tank positioned (measure compliance / square - horizontal - vertical tank)
Suitability of food storage in polyethylene tank, UV should determine whether the stabilizers.
Polyethylene tank is used to store chemical chemical storage tank compliance should be examined. It is located on our site for Chemicals Resistance Chart ', you can review.

Chemical concentration of 1 g / m³ for the storage of the excess skin reinforced material or liquid (the amount of raw materials has increased strength and thickness increased at the same rate) should be preferred store.
The delay or prevention of algae repository preference for blue tank is recommended.
The warehouse area of narrow doorways place which will be positioned perpendicular to the cylindrical water tank should be preferred. Our custom manufacturing water tanks to place the narrow entrance is available.
Soil pressure and unaffected by soil under article six warehouses used to store the four sides of 20 cm - 25 cm must be covered with concrete.
Products that are not associated with any quality certification should be examined.