Polyethylene Water Tank Specifications

Material: suitable for food storage, U.V. stabilized, recyclable, low - medium - high density linear polyethylene (LLDPE)
• Color: Natural white, opaque white, blue, two colors (white interior - non-blue)
• Durability: Sunlight and impact resistant.
• Structure: Mono block, no welding and riveting.
• Size Tolerance: ± 3%
• Type: Four corner horizontal, horizontal cylinder, cylindrical other.
• Volume: 40 LT - 25000 LT
• Purpose: Drinking water, potable water storage, food storage, oil - fuel storage, chemical storage, waste water storage and dosing ...
• Certificates: TSEK quality certificate, the Ministry of Health Approval Certificate, Certificate of Domestic Goods
• Chemical Compliance: diesel with a 30% increase raw materials - gas tank with 40% raw material increases transportation depot used as the acid tank with ± 50% of the raw material increases.
• Maintenance: is odorless and hygienic. It can be easily cleaned with water. At least 6 months - 1 year should be cleaned at intervals.
• Operating Temperature: -5 ° C - / + 65C °
• Warranty: 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects, customer-oriented services and technical assistance issues.
• Housing in up to 6 apartments (including 6.dair) is a 2 ton water tanks. 500 liters per apartment increased after 6 apartments.
• commercial building, office, marketplace, hotel, etc, s building with shops such passages must be made at least 15 tons of water tank.
• Water Consumption Per Day


Cinsi Ortalama Tüketim Lt/kişi
Konutlar 120–200 lt
Oteller 150–200 lt
Hastaneler 200–500 lt
Okullar 5 lt
Çocuk Yuvaları 80–100 lt
Kreşler 100–150 lt
Kışlalar 60–80 lt
Lokantalar 20–100
Bahçe sulama işlerde 1,5 lt/m2
Oto Yıkama 100 lt- 150 lt